Sadie Waddington, owner of One Big Fish Event Planning. Image by Aurora Meneghello Productions

About One Big Fish

One Big Fish is an boutique event planning company with a focus on green friendly events. Our mission is to help you create a personalized event that is both a celebration of your special occasion and kind to the environment.

We offer a variety of services from wedding and private party planning, to conference services and nonprofit fundraisers. We have experience in event promotion and marketing, corporate events of several kinds, sporting events and luncheons. And are also more then happy to customize a specific package just for you

Regardless of your event planning needs or budget we are sure to provide you with excellent guidance and services to insure your event is a success.

Importance of Going Green

It is the firm belief of One Big Fish that being conscientious of the environment and having a great time does not have to be mutually exclusive, so why not have the best of both worlds?!

Our goal is to connect you with sustainable and local eco-friendly resources, while at the same time making sure your event is an enjoyable and well orchestrated occasion.  When we all start making earth friendly choices, everyone involved in an event feels more fulfilled. One Big Fish believes that being environmentally savvy does not have to come at the cost of elegance.  

Our business network is compiled of experienced professionals including: invitation designers, caterers, bakers, green hotels, florists, rental companies, photographers, lighting specialists and entertainers, who are all committed to reducing environmental impact as part of their service and operations. 

We offer options for recycling all glass, paper and plastic used for your event.  We work with local food banks to donate suitable surplus food and provide floral arrangements to senior centers.

About Sadie

  • Born in England
  • Captain and MVP of her high school basketball team
  • Met her husband at a Giants game
  • Loves the ocean and has been scuba diving all over the world
  • Always ready for a dance party
  • A great poker/cribbage player
  • Chocolate trembles at the mention of her name
  • Takes an extra 30 minutes to tuck her 2 sons in at night, because she loves to snuggle
  • Has inspired several songs (written by her husband!)


New for 2017!

Amie Miller Event Planner

We are delighted to introduce a new member to our team, Amie Miller, a long time friends and colleague of One Big Fish. We have enjoyed collaborating with Amie on a number of projects and are excited to share her non-profit and fundraising skills with you! Here is a little about our newest team member.

About Amie

  • Born in England too! Raised in San Francisco
  • A dancer from childhood, trained at the San Francisco Ballet School, earned a BA in Dance Ethnology and enjoys many styles of dance
  • Began teaching Pilates in 2000, working with individuals and small groups
  • Began surfing in 2008 and loves to surf waves of all sizes, locally and in warmer waters
  • Got started with event planning through working with a coastal conservation non-profit
  • Loves to craft, sew, paint and spends weekends camping, surfing, or hiking with friends